The Council

In accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1972, the former historic Parish Councils throughout Wales were abolished and replaced, with effect from the 1st April, 1974, by Community Council‘s.

Accordingly, as of that date, the area and boundaries of the former Gwersyllt Parish Council remained unchanged and were therefore statutorily formerly incorporated into the new Gwersyllt Community Council.

The Council’s area incorporates the communities/villages/hamlets of Gwersyllt, Summerhill, Bradley, Rhosrobin, Pandy, Sydallt and Highfield.


The Community Council has a current population in the region of 10,500. For local government purposes, the authority is divided into four Wards with a total of 17 Councillors representing the Wards of East (4), North (5), South (3) and West (5). The present Councillors were elected in May 2008 for a four year term.

At its Annual Meeting in May, the Council elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to serve for the following Municipal Year although the incumbents to those positions can be re-elected at forthcoming Annual Meetings.

The Council employs a part time Clerk and Financial Officer and a person who tends the authority’s War Memorial situated at the junction of Wheatsheaf Lane/Old Mold Road, Gwersyllt.

The Council meets every month, except August, on the third Wednesday of each month although special meetings can be convened as required.

The majority of meetings are held in the Gwersyllt Resource Centre with some also being held in the Bradley Village Hall and the Sydallt Community Centre.